We will soon have a trailer from the actual film. in the mean time, here is the trailer we shot to tease you into our fantastic film project.

About the Film



 Losing Grace is a gripping short film thriller that keeps audiences guessing and leaves them with their hearts in their throats. Louise is forced to flee with her daughter, Grace, from her apparently abusive husband, John, only to be tracked down with dire consequences.


Creative Team

Losing Grace is instigated by Liz Farahadi who brought together Athena and Aradhna to develop a powerful short to lay the ground for the feature POLLY and a commitment to telling stories that matter. Committed to working with a mainly female crew, this project is as much about the story we tell as it is how and who tells it.



We are delighted to announce that we have shot the film thanks to the efforts of everyone. The film was shot entirely on location on the Isle of Man. The film is currently in post production for which we are still seeking financial support. Our fundraising campaign can be found on Green Lit Crowdfunding platform.

About Us


Aradhna Tayal Executive Producer

Aradhna Tayal Executive Producer

Aradhna Tayal Executive Producer

 Aradhna is an award-winning producer. She worked with Tread Softly Productions on independent feature film Lovelorn, and with producer Christine Hartland on Nitrate, a new feature by Gavin Boyter and Guy Ducker. She has produced numerous short films, with support from Film London and the National Film & Television School. These include Driver, by BAFTA-nominated director Stephen Fingleton (The Survivalist) and Duncan Wellaway's Henry Cowell. Aradhna executive produced The River. starring Clive Russell 


Athena Mandis writer/director/producer

Aradhna Tayal Executive Producer

Aradhna Tayal Executive Producer

Athena is an award-winning writer and director, and a Lecturer in Film Practice at QMUL and developing a slate of films for production, including POLLY. Her feature script XENOS (currently in development) was short-listed for Sundance Screenwriters Lab 2018 and won Best Screenplay at the Cyprus International Film Festival 2018. She has directed numerous shorts and docs including the award-winning Return to Chiapas.


Liz Farahadi writer/producer

Aradhna Tayal Executive Producer

Liz Farahadi writer/producer


Liz Farahadi has starred in a number of independent films, theatre productions and commercials, working with highly-acclaimed directors such as Jeremy Wooding and award-winning director Marcel Mandu, The Journey. 

She then wrote the award winning film Love and Other Stuff. This picked up 3 awards and was shown at 8 international film festivals including the prestigious NYC Soho International Film Festival where it was in competition.

 Her commitment to female driven narrative is relentless and draws from an unusual and tumultuous past.

Heads of Department


Beatriz Delgado Mena Cinematographer

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